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Vital Lines has been providing transcription services in the Atlanta area since 1989 and strives to be on the cutting edge of technology and applied techniques in the transcription business.

Our ability to provide clients with custom solutions to meet their operational needs is why we feel Vital Lines is right for you and contributes to the overall success of the company. In addition to the technical advances, we also work hard to keep up with the ever changing terminologies in both the medical and legal professions by utilizing only those who have many years' experience and under- stand the importance of confidentiality.

In-house tech support is provided to our customers at no additional charge, and the initial set-up fee for most new locations is usually waived. All work handled by Vital Lines is done within the confines of the United States due to our concerns regarding security, confidentiality, and quality.

We also prefer to have the same transcriptionists work on the same accounts regularly because familiarity enhances the quality of reports. If you are interested in working with an American company that always puts quality first, then please give us a call and see how Vital Lines can help you.



"Vital Lines is an excellent medical transcription service. They provide an accurate, fast, and thorough service. Their work is accomplished perfectly on such a regular basis that it is simply one less thing for me to worry about. I have no hesitation giving anyone my highest recommendation that is considering using their services."

~Dr. Steve Cook, Family Practice


"Our group has used Vital Lines for years. They deliver a consistently accurate product, with the best turnaround time I've ever seen."

~Dr. Richard Sobel, Emergency Medicine


"I have dealt with a number of transcription services and changed frequently due to poor service and inattention to detail. We are pleased with the great service and responsiveness of Vital Lines."

~Dr. J K Champion, Gastroenterology

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